Friday, April 13, 2018

22 Words That Have a Different Meaning in Chicago-- Part 2: Hot Dogs

4.  OCTOBER--    To most it means Fall, but around here it is the month that has two weeks which are not too hot or too cold and where fans drink away the sadness of another failed Cubs and Sox season.

5. PIZZA--  You know.  But in Chicago it means deep-dish.

6.  HOT DOG--  Wiener, bun, ketchup to most, but in Chicago it means wiener, bun (poppy seed), onions, relish, tomatoes, pickle, peppers, celery salt and mustard.  ABSOLUTELY NO KETCHUP OR CATSUP!!!  We can't emphasize that enough.

7.  SOLDIER--  Military, but in Chicago it is where the Chicago Bears play, as in Soldier Field.  Da Bears sometimes play good, but mostly bad.


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