Monday, May 8, 2017

Illinois' Route 66 Red Corridor Festival-- Part 1: To Joliet

We decided on Friday to get ourselves back to the Mother Road and enjoy the festival.

MAY 6, 2017

We got off at 10 a.m.. with the odometer on the '03 Malibu at 137,999 miles as we backed out of the driveway.  We have never had a car make it over 100,000 miles.

Took Il-120 to Il-47 and then south to a bit past Yorkville where we picked up US-52 into Joliet to begin our festival.  We saw a lot of standing water and new ponds around Woodstock and even more on 52 to Joliet.  The last two weeks have been ones with lots and lots of rain.

At several intersections along the way there were people standing by the roads with placards telling motorists to be aware of motorcyclists.

We have not been to Joliet and that stretch of Route 66 to Dwight, Illinois, in a long time so we were interested in what changes there might be.

This year, the Red Corridor Festival was giving out mini-buttons for all the stops.

We went to the Joliet Area Historical Museum which had free admission for the event and received our first, and as it turned out, only button and I stabbed myself a couple times trying to get it on my tee-shirt (which was a 2011 Missouri Route 66 Motor Tour one (I couldn't find my other 66 shirts).  It featured the Jake and Elwood Blues Brothers statues.

We toured the Lincoln Highway, Route 66 and Joliet Sports Hall of Fame exhibits before leaving.

Good To be Back On Da Road.  --RoadDog

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