Wednesday, May 11, 2016

News From Along Route 66, March 2016: Sidewalk Highway Work

Articles taken from the Route 66 News site.  These are ones of special interest to me.  But the site has many more Route 66 news items, pictures and more text.

APRIL 22--  Ottaway County, Oklahoma,  seeks $450,000 grant for Sidewalk Highway.  These will be federal transportation alternative money.  Sparse traffic on it (and a lot of 66ers) but it has fallen into disrepair after nearly a century of use.

The nine-foot wide width was paved in 1922 and was the path of Route 66 from 1926 to 1937.  The reason it was so narrow was that the county could pave a longer stretch.

Let's hope they get it.  It's a treat to drive it.

The Ol' Ribbon Road.  --RoadWalkDog

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