Friday, May 4, 2012

One Less Billy Goat to Kick Around

From the April 20th Chicago Tribune "1 fewer Goat kicking" by Rob Manker.

When in Chicago, you really need to get yourself over to a Billy Goat Tavern for some Cheez-boigers, cheez-boigers, cheez-boigers, but now, there is one fewer as one of the locations is closing after thirty years in the Loop because of a big rent increase.  This one is at 309 W. Washington Street near the Civic Opera House.  Rent went from $6,500 a month to $16,000.

Of course, Billy Goat Tavern was made famous by the famous Billy Goat curse on the Cubs and the Saturday Night Live John Belushi skit. 

The "Original Billy Goat" is at 430 N. Michigan Avenue.  While not where it was originally located, the Sianis family considers it the relocated version of the original which opened in 1934 near the current United Center.

I was lucky enough to finally get a chance to eat at the one in Randhurst Village in Mt. prospect last summer.  It was every bit as good as I had hoped and much more reasonably-priced than I thought it would be.

There are still nine others in the Chicagoland-area and one in D.C..

Maybe They Should Open One at Wrigley Field and Get Rid of That Horrible Curse (Especially after seeing yesterday's game).  --RoadDog

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