Saturday, May 5, 2012

Marilyn, We'll Miss You

From the May 4th Chicago Tribune editorial.

As the Hawk would say "She Gone!"  Well, almost gone.

After almost a year, the 26-foot sex symbol will soon be leaving Chicago for warmer climes in San Diego.  The weather has dulled her a bit, but there is no doubt Marilyn Monroe was a hit with tourists and residents alike.  Lots and lots of photos ops there, something akin to Mr. Parker getting his fishnet-stocking lamp in "A Christmas Story."

Monroe is posed as in the famous shot from "The Seven Year Itch" with her dress blowing up and her trying to hold it down.  Of course, her underwear is exposed leading to many, many photos going upward.

Unfortunately, I never got a chance to see her, but would have liked to, but there is my no-go to Chicago because of rip-off thing, so I didn't.

Better Go See Her Real Soon.  --RoadDog

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