Thursday, December 27, 2018

NIU Homecoming 2018-- Part 10: The Old Frat House and the Lincoln Crawl Downtown.


From the Lagoon, we drove east into a residential/student housing area, past the original Delta Sig (Delta Sigma Phi) house on 242 Augusta.  This was the house the fraternity was in when I pledged and had Hell Weekend before becoming an active.  It was kind of a dump then and continues to be although now it is student housing.  But, it was Our House.  The next year we moved out to Greek Row on Greenbrier.

Lots of beautiful big old trees along Augusta Avenue which are turning brilliant hues of gold this time of the year.

Now we were downtown DeKalb and drove around it a bit.  The main street running east-west through it is Illinois Highway 38, but at one time was the Lincoln Highway.  All addresses are still Lincoln Highway and the road is also called that.

Back in the day, we used to do the Lincoln Crawl, where we would hit lots of bars downtown like Andy's, McCabes, the Shamrock, Uprising, Candle Light and Sullivans.  There were others, but I don't remember them.

I don't know.  Just something about college and drinking.

We never knew it was the Lincoln Crawl because of the nation's oldest transcontinental highway.

Those Were the Days.  --RoadDog

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