Thursday, August 9, 2018

Why Go Anywhere Else?-- Part 1: Two Bars, A Festival and A Band

People often ask Liz and me wanting to know why we don't go on vacations in July and August.  Well, being retired, we can go anytime we want.  And, there is so much to do around here in the northeastern part of Illinois and the southeastern area of Wisconsin.

There is always boating on the Chain of Lakes (though because of mechanical problems we haven't had the boat out yet, but maybe by next week).

And, there are festivals and lots of bands playing.  This was one of our weekends:


We went to Thirsty Turtle in Antioch, Illinois, overlooking Channel Lake to get a Chain Crawl passport stamp and then to the Limerick in downtown.

Then, we went to Antioch's weekly It's Summer concert and saw the band 28 Days

Why Go Anywhere Else?  --RoadDog

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