Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Eat Your Way Across America: 50 states, 50 Festivals-- Part 6: Out West

Definiely some interesting eating choices, including some things I have never heard of.

19. STEINLEY CUP OFFICIAL STATE MICROBREWERY COMPETITION-- SARATOGA, WYO., AUGUST 20TH-- I am a big fan of microbrews, just don't like their expense. Like they say, Sip your way through. Kids can vote on fave root beer. (I like the play on the hockey cup name.) saratogachamber.info.

20. WORLD'S LARGEST CALF FRY FESTIVAL & COOK-OFF-- VINITA, OK, AUG. 27TH-- Calf Fries, aka Rocky Mountain Oysters, are actually fried calf testicles. Around 2,000 pounds are dished out each year, but lots of other things to eat for you faint-of-heart.

I had calf fries once when we went through Vinita. Tastes like chicken. Liz wouldn't touch it. AND...Vinita is on good ol' Route 66!!!

Poor little calf. vinita.com

21. BEST IN THE WEST NUGGET RIB COOK-OFF-- SPARKS, NEV., AUG. 31-SEPT. 5TH-- Half a million 'cue-lovers attend America's biggest rib cook-off each year. Some 100 tons sold. They have a contest where "athletes" have 12 minutes to eat ribs. The record is 9.8 pounds. (I wonder if that includes the weight of the bone.) nuggetribcookoff.com.

22. GOLDEN ONION DAYS-- PAYSON, UTAH, SEPT. 1ST-5TH-- Lots of onion-stuff here. Winning chefs get cash and mouthwash. paysonutah.org.

Here Little Calfie, Here Little Calfie. I Have a Surprise for You. --RoadDog

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